Polkadot Shirt and Wall Art

Polkadot is one of the revelation of the crypto market. It has found its place in the top 10 rather easily and quickly. With its game-changing use-case, Polkadot project might well be here to stay for the long run and it’s no surprise that investors are getting fan of it.

As here at Crypto Burning Shop we are also convinced about this amazing project, we have designed some incredible artwork pieces related to Polkadot. Here you can find top quality Polkadot canvas as well as classic Polkadot shirts because yes, wearing a Polkadot t-shirt daily will help you convince other people to invest in it.

On the top of that, every purchase on our website will burn some of the Polkadot limited supply. 10% of each order is directly used to burn Polkadot tokens. So, tell your friends now, we are all together reducing the Polkadot supply little by little. The future price of this gem will thank us.

What is Polkadot

Polkadot is a stage that permits different blockchains to move messages, including value, in a sans trust design, sharing their interesting highlights while pooling their security. In a word, Polkadot is a versatile heterogeneous multi-chain innovation.

Polkadot is heterogeneous in light of the fact that it is altogether adaptable and makes no suspicion about the nature or construction of the chains in the organization. Indeed, even non-blockchain frameworks or information constructions can become parachains on the off chance that they satisfy a bunch of models.

How to buy Polkadot

Unfortunately, $DOT is not yet listed on Coinbase which is the entry gate for most crypto investors. It should come in the near future. However, you still have other option to get your hands on some precious Polkadot tokens. Other exchanges such as Binance, Huobi or OKEx are all currently listing $DOT.

If your residential address does not permit you to access these platforms, a VPN network might do the trick. As always do your own research and look for the best option to buy crypto. Do it at your own risk.

Polkadot over other crypto

Yes, Polkadot might well be a good investment but one crypto should not represent 100% of your holdings. Be sure to check our other crypto wall art and crypto t-shirt that we have in stock. The link below will guide you through some of our bestselling items:

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