Crypto Burning Shop FAQ

What is the delivery time

Our packages are shipped 1 to 2 days after you an order is placed. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information as soon as the package label is created.

Estimated shipping time for the following regions:

USA & Canada 2-6 days

Europe 2-6 days

Rest of the world 4-10 days

How can I be sure you are burning tokens?

Each month, we make an official announcement on our Twitter account stating the amount of token burned and the transaction details.

You can then check all burn transactions on an Ethereum blockchain browser such as Etherscan.

Full details of our token burning procedure can be found here.

Where are the goods shipped from?

We have multiple warehouses all around the world to ensure your order is delivered as fast as possible.

Usually, your order is delivered from your country. If you live in a small country, it may happen that your order is shipped from a surrounding country.

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