Why CryptoBurningShop?

The story of burning tokens

How can we democratize and promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies while increasing the price of the best projects on the market? That’s the question we asked ourselves before starting the concept of CryptoBurningShop. 

Active in the blockchain industry since 2017, we wanted to make our contribution to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The idea of offering clothes and accessories to the largest active communities seemed obvious to us because when you wear a t-shirt of your favorite project in the street, you contribute to its visibility and development. On one hand you show your values and support to the project and on the other hand you participate in giving visibility to the project by arousing the curiosity of potential future crypto-investors.

However, with this concept we felt we were not contributing enough and we were convinced that there was a way to create even more value. Thinking about the real motivations of the crypto-investor, we agree that his greatest motivation is to see the price of his favorite crytpo increase over time. The concept was then before our eyes: allocating a part of our sales to burn tokens of the projects concerned. 

Our goal was reached! With this concept, we participate in the democratization of the blockchain by offering unique and pertinent clothes and accessories while reducing the offer of different cryptos which would eventually increase their prices. We then got to work! We negotiated with different suppliers, created our unique designs, established our token burn procedure and set up our website to propose our win-win idea to the largest crypto communities.

Token by token” this slogan represents our common goal to raise the price of a crypto project. At first, it may seem as a small contribution but with time more tokens will be burned and more crypto-investors will come on the market. Inevitably, the equilibrium point between (decreasing) supply and (increasing) demand will go up. It is small streams that make big rivers.

Does this concept speak to you? Contribute to the democratization of cryptocurrencies while reducing the available supply by following and sharing our project on social networks.

In order to allocate a maximum of money to our token burn, we have said no to paid advertising. The development of the project and the reduction of the tokens of your favorite project is therefore in your hands. 

Contribute to the project by subscribing to our Twitter account. Do you share our values? We are blessed to hear that and we would be eternally grateful if you could share our new concept to your community.

Who is behind CryptoBurningShop?

The CryptoBurningShop concept was launched in Switzerland by two crypto-investors. After following the market and understanding the usefulness of the Blockchain for more than 4 years we wanted to develop this brand to be part of this new revolution who is waiting for us!

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